Check-In Information

Welcome to Crestwoods  Apartments!  Thank you for staying with us.  To speed up the check in process, this document contains all the information we would like to remind you of.   Please take time to read it!

Your key will open the front door of your apartment and your specific bedroom door.  Please check both locks when you arrive so that you don’t have any trouble after management has left for the day.  Brentwood mail keys are in the apartment.  Brentwood and Lynwood mailboxes are in the driveway to the property.  The Edgewood mailbox is on the east side of the building.

Please return the check in sheet within 3 days of arriving to the black drop box.  This is a chance for you to make note of any pre-existing damages.  Please count the pin holes; write down the number (if no number is given, we assume 3) and approximate location.  You are welcome to take pictures as documentation as well.  If you notice things in the common areas, look for the common area check in sheet or add them to the back of your room sheet.  You may also note maintenance needs on the check-in form.   If you have a maintenance need that comes up during the year, please leave a note in the drop box, email [email protected] or submit a request thru  the Rentroom app.  In all communication be specific regarding the situation, duration of the problem and any other details or roommates involved.  This allows us to resolve your concern faster.  DO NOT TEXT MAINTENANCE NEEDS, THEY GET LOST.

Our Policy Booklet is in the kitchen cabinet of your apartment.  It is part of your contract, lets you know how we work as management and answers a lot of frequently asked questions.  Please take some time to familiarize yourself with it.

Management is available by phone during regular business hours (M-F 9-5).  We are on call for emergencies after hours, BUT WILL NOT ANSWER THE PHONE.  If you have an emergency, water is ALWAYS an emergency (WIFI is NOT), please call and LEAVE A MESSAGE.  If your question/issue is not an emergency, please wait until business hours to call.  All non-urgent communication, rent payments, check-in sheets, etc. should be placed in the black drop box on the southwest corner of the house at 672 E. 900 N.  As a reminder of the rules in your contract:

NO ANIMALS (including reptiles, small furry things, babysitting someone’s animal or allowing a visitor to bring their animal on the property.)

NO SMOKING, VAPING OR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES(and the empty containers) ON THE PROPERTY.  You are responsible for informing guests of our policies.  If someone smokes, they need to go all the way to the road, not just the grass or parking lot.

NO HOLES IN THE WALL.  Please refrain from hanging things on the walls.  We have experienced an increase in significant damage from command strips and can no longer recommend their use.

NO SLEEPOVERS, by significant others at any time.  An overnight guest must be cleared with roommates AND be approved by management and may stay no longer than 3 days.


Utility company contact info. and turn on instructions are in the Policy Booklet previously mentioned.   Please verify that someone in the apartment has put the Logan City Utilities and Dominion Energy bills in their name(s).  You pay those companies directly.  WiFi passwords are on the modem in the apartment or on a paper in the apartment.

Please feel free to call or email if you have further questions!

Larry Seeley, manager

435-755-3181 [email protected] (Please keep for reference.)