Office: 880 N. 650 E. #8 Logan, UT 84321 (435) 755-3181

We appreciate your selection of CRESTWOODS for your residence and hope you are comfortable in your new accommodations.  If you have any concerns, questions or maintenance needs please feel free to contact us.  We are available by phone from 8 AM to 6 PM.  This information will answer most of your questions….

  1. PAYMENT OF RENT:  Make your check out to the building and apartment in which you live.  Mail payments to 880 N. 650 E. #8, Logan UT 84321 (office) or use the drop box located next to the office.   If sending your payment by mail, plan ahead so that it is DELIVERED by the day it is due.  Pay your rent on time.  There is no grace period.  The late fee is $15 per day up to $150.   First notice of eviction and collections action can be expected after the rent is 15 days past due.
  2. KEY:  Your key will open your apartment and your bedroom door.  If you are locked out, opening doors is free on the first occurrence during business hours and $20 thereafter from 7 AM to 10 PM.  ANY lockout between 10 PM and 7 AM will cost $40.   Replacement keys cost $25 and lock(s) may be subject to the cost of re-keying, depending on risk, as ascertained by management.
  3. UNAUTHORIZED OCCUPANTS:  Specific rooms are rented to specific people.  We do not permit tenants to allow other people to live in their room or another room in an apartment.  Such action is unauthorized use of property (theft), and breach of contract. When unauthorized persons are found occupying space, the contracts of the responsible persons may be terminated.  Sleepover(s) by boyfriends or girlfriends is not allowed.  Unauthorized use of appliances is also theft; i.e. washers and dryers are for tenant use only.  Overuse of appliances leads to repair and/or replacement and does affect the cost of rent.
  4. DOMINION ENERGY:  You will need to have the gas turned on for hot water and heat.  To register online, select “Manage Service” then scroll down to “new customers” and click “new residential service form.”  Dominion Energy offers several options for turning on the meter.  If you select the cheaper option to have them just turn on the gas, we can light the pilot light for you.  YOU MUST CALL US DURING BUSINESS HOURS FOR THIS SERVICE, 8 AM to 6 PM during the first week of school only.  After this point, we will charge $20 for lighting service.  Dominion Energy service calls are scheduled at least 24 hours after the request is made.  (This information is provided as a service and is subject to change at any time.)
  5. LOGAN CITY UTILITY BILLING:  (435) 716-9208.  Electricity, sewer, water meter, and garbage collection are provided by Logan City.  To sign up, you will need to go in person, with a drivers license and 3 personal references (Name, Address & Telephone #’s) to their offices at 290 North 100 West.  A $100 deposit is required within two weeks of requesting service, but cannot be added to the bill.  Power is not always turned off immediately, if your power is on at move in, but not in the name of any of your roommates, you will need to follow the above instructions.  A $20 turn-off and $20 turn-on fee applies if power has been shut off due to delinquency.  If we receive a bill for tenant’s utilities (any utility), our minimum charge is $5 per day per tenant until the utility is placed in a resident’s name.  (This information is provided as a service and is subject to change by Logan City at any time.)
  6. INTERNET:  Crestwoods provides high-speed wireless cable internet service to residents.  PLEASE DO NOT PRESS BUTTONS on the modem or router unless instructed by management.  If we are required to reprogram the router in your apartment, because it was reset, you will be charged $10.  Passwords for most modems are on the modem.
  7. ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS:  A circuit breaker will trip if a circuit is overloaded.  You may push the breaker in the panel box to the full OFF position and then to the ON position to restore power if this occurs.  Ground fault bathroom and kitchen counter outlets are reset with the red button on the outlet.  If the circuit breaker trips the second time, please call us.  If hall lights are out, they are reset in the same way.  DO NOT PUT ANY LIGHTBULB RATED OVER 60 WATTS IN FIXTURES.  This causes overheating and damage, for which you are liable, to the wiring.
  8. WATER PROBLEMS:  Immediately notify management if you have a water leak of any kind.  If you have a water leak, shut the water off under the sink or toilet or near the hot water heater.  Locate these shut-offs ahead of time so that you will be prepared if problems occur.  Do not put foreign material including sanitary napkins down the toilet.  Disposals:  Please put anything that you would not eat in the garbage, not down the disposal.  Disposals will not handle much more than incidental food particles while you are rinsing off  dishes.  A plumbing call is expensive, especially after hours.   
  9. CLEANLINESS: Please keep your room clean. The living room, kitchen, laundry area, and hallways are common to all who reside in the apartment.  Be considerate of others and leave facilities you use clean and in order.  Do not leave trash, shoes or other personal items in stairwells or outside the apartment building.  This is vital if anyone is trying to sell a contract, as well as during spring semester when management is frequently showing apartments for the following year.
  10. NO SMOKING (including “vaping” and e-cigarettes), DRINKING OF ANY ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE, POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES, DRUGS, ALCOHOL, OR TOBACCO ARE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING OR ON THE PROPERTY!  Violations bring contractual fines and may cause termination of your lease.  Our agreement states that no smoking or drinking by anyone, tenant or guest, is permitted.  If this agreement is broken, each resident involved will incur a $100 charge.  The resident(s) will be asked to vacate if a second violation occurs. Anyone charged will not be able to rent from us again.
  11. UTILITY ROOM & FURNACE WARNINGS! City fire codes state that no flammable materials, paper, cardboard, suitcases, etc., may be stored in a furnace/water heater area.  Unless in an emergency, do not turn off the furnace.  Furnace must be left on and set to at least 57 degrees at all times during the months of November through March.  If the thermostat is found set lower than 57 degrees during this time frame you will be charged $5/tenant and for any freezing damages resulting from the negligence. 
  12. HANGING PICTURES AND POSTERS:  We recommend that you use non-marking products such as Command products, not nails or push-pins, to hang pictures or posters.  You will be charged for any new holes in your walls.   Masking tape and scotch tape can take the paint and plaster off when they are removed.  If walls require any repair or paint touch-up, you will be charged.  DO NOT FILL HOLES WITH TOOTHPASTE.   It yellows and you will pay for fixing the wall. When you attempt to fill holes yourself,  even with the appropriate product but incorrect technique, it is often necessary for us to redo the work. 
  13. NOISE: We have provided cement floor deadening in most buildings, thick carpet pad/carpet and sound proof walls between apartments to reduce noise.  Residents are asked to respect others and not play music or talk loudly in the evening  (10 PM to 8 AM) such that it would disturb others.  If noise becomes a problem the resident may wish to call Logan City Police at any time to quiet the disturbance.  Logan has a noise ordinance which results in a $100 fine on the 2nd violation within 90 days. DO NOT CALL MANAGEMENT.  We do not get involved in disputes and will direct you to contact the police. 
  14. EMERGENCIES: Call 911 for police, fire, or any other emergency.  For public disturbance or excessive noise call Logan City Police dispatch at 716-9300.
  15. APPLIANCE CARE:   Careful use of appliances will save you time and money.  Disposals are meant to handle soft food materials; items such as popcorn, bones, dried beans, GREASE, vegetable peelings, large amounts of any food, etc. will clog the disposal and may cause motor burnout.  Use a lot of water to wash material down.  If your disposal becomes clogged, turn the switch off, disconnect the power cord under the sink, remove the rubber strainer in the sink (if applicable), reach your hand into the disposal and clean it out.  If the motor has switched off due to overheating, press the reset button on the motor and reconnect the power cord.  Contact management if these steps do not restore disposal use.  Microwaves must contain a glass tray to work properly.  The presence of metal in the microwave, even for a short time, will destroy the microwave tube.  Metal foil, a spoon or fork, or even a bag of popcorn wrong side up may cause expensive damage.  Washers usually do not malfunction.  The most common problem occurs when washers are overloaded and a piece of clothing goes over the top of the tub and clogs the pump.  Dryers must not be operated without the lint screen.  For efficient operation and to prevent clogging of the exhaust piping, remove lint from the lint filter before each load.  Vacuums are provided in each apartment.    DO NOT ALLOW YOUR VACUUM TO LEAVE THE APARTMENT—IT MAY NOT BE RETURNED, IN WHICH CASE THE REPLACEMENT COST WILL BE THE TENANT’S RESPONSIBILITY.  If the vacuum smells like burning rubber or the bag is full, notify management in writing and we will check it.  Please leave a note in the drop box at the office or send an email to [email protected] for any NON-EMERGENCY maintenance problem or request.  WiFi outage is not an emergency.
    1. Discard kitchen grease in an empty can or plastic container in the trash dumpster. Do not throw it outside the building or put it down the disposal.
    2. Shower curtains, garbage cans, brooms, etc. are not provided.
    3. Snow removal will be taken care of by the management.  Parking lots will be cleared as needed and as possible.  A shovel will be provided if tenants desire to help in snow removal.  Use snow melt on steps and sidewalks; do not use salt.
    4. Dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles and other animals are strictly forbidden on the premises at all times.  A penalty of $75 for any part of a day will be assessed for violation.  This includes babysitting an animal or a guest bringing an animal with them.
    5. Conserve fuel, water, and electricity by turning lights off and lowering thermostats, particularly when you leave the apartment for a weekend or semester break.  Do not turn the thermostat OFF during winter months for any period of time; you would be responsible for all damage due to broken pipes in your apartment.
    6. Candles & extension cords are not allowed because of fire hazard.  Dart boards are also prohibited.
    7. Many pieces of furniture are new. If you spill something on the carpet or furniture that you cannot clean up so that it appears unspotted, please call us and we will use our expertise to help you avoid a commercial cleaning fee.
  17. SELLING CONTRACTS: If you have a change of plans and will not be staying for the full contract period, notify your roommates and management, in writing.  They can help you locate a replacement to buy your contract and save you money.  In the end, it is your responsibility to sell the contract.  You will determine the amount of money and terms of payment for which you will sell the agreement.  The replacement will then pay you for the rent.  Crestwoods levies a fee of $100 for selling a contract.   Management requires a signed contract and deposit before the new party moves in.  In order to check out properly, obtain and complete a cleaning checklist from the office and return your keys with a self-addressed stamped envelope.  If your obligations are met and your spring semester contract was sold, you will receive your deposit refund around January 20.  Otherwise, during a semester at other times, we will plan to refund your deposit within 30 days of the later of sale or move-out.
  18. BICYCLES: Do not chain bikes to ornamental iron work, including railings.  DO NOT store bicycles in the apartment.  Storing bicycles in the apartment will incur a charge for professional carpet cleaning or carpet replacement.
  19. MANAGEMENT & MAINTENANCE: We are close by and therefore have no resident managers.  Office hours are from 2 to 6 pm on weekdays, except holidays, during which we will answer texts and emails.  We will be available all day during move-in and move-out days and at other times by phone during regular business hours, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.   Please call after hours ONLY IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY.  Crestwoods primary emergency number is 435-755-3181.  If this number is not functioning or you have not received a return call in case of a true emergency, you may try 435-770-7826.  Please call 911 for fire, medical or other severe emergencies. An emergency is classified as “something that could cause or will cause physical harm to resident(s) or damage to property or structures.”  Use common sense.  If you are not sure it is an emergency, call and leave a message.     

EXAMPLES OF EMERGENCY-call management, even after hours

  • Gas leaks, water leaks or broken water lines
  • No heat (outside temperature is below 50 degrees)
  • Frozen water pipes
  • Plugged sewer lines

      EXAMPLES OF NON-EMERGENCY-please call from 8 AM to 6 PM, or leave a note in the drop box

  • Internet problems
  • Plugged disposal (do not run your dishwasher if your disposal is plugged)
  • No hot water
  • No heat when outside temperature is above 50 degrees
  • Refrigerator not operating (residents should store items with neighbors)
  • Conflicts between roommates or with the booting company (we do not get involved in these disputes.)

Report all necessary repairs immediately.   Minor problems can quickly become major ones with major repair costs to match. Please try to remedy minor problems such as clogged disposals and toilets yourself, but contact management if the problem persists.  All maintenance requests must be made IN WRITING and delivered to the office, drop box or by email.  Call and leave a message in the case of urgent problems. 

  1. SECURITY DEPOSIT: The security deposit is used to help recover loss from damage beyond normal wear and tear.  If the deposit does not cover charges, you will be billed for the shortage.  When damage occurs and the responsible individual is unknown, charges will be divided equally among the apartment residents.  An itemized statement is provided when money is withheld from the deposit.  Deposits are returned within 30 days following the end of the contract, provided you supply a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  The non-refundable portion ($50 summer/$100 school yr.) is used for lease initiation, general repair and maintenance of building(s) and grounds (i.e. snow removal, stairwell cleaning, vandalism, parking lot maintenance, etc.)  We provide a clean apartment and require it be returned in clean condition. Apartments are inspected at check-out and professional cleaners hired, up to $25/hr, at that tenant’s cost if the cleaning is not satisfactory.  When move-in occurs immediately following move-out, as in the spring/summer transition, a few days may be needed to complete all the necessary work.  If you don’t follow the procedures outlined in the check-out packet, including scheduling an apartment checkout inspection, you will forfeit your deposit.
  2. CHECK-IN AND INVENTORY SHEET.  Please inspect your apartment upon check-in and submit, in writing, any problems WITHIN 3 DAYS.  Any notice or check-in sheet turned in after this period will be treated as a maintenance request.
  3. SMOKE ALARMS: Smoke alarms are for your protection.  Check the alarm when you move in.  Do not remove or disable alarms.  If an alarm sounds due to kitchen smoke you may open windows and fan smoke away.  If a smoke alarm beeps intermittently, please contact management for a free replacement battery.  Do not break smoke alarms by pulling them down; look at the arrows on the smoke alarm for removal instructions.  If you break the smoke alarm mounts you will be charged for a new smoke alarm.  Call the management to have a smoke alarm checked if it does not work.
  4. SCREENS: Screens are fragile; do not attempt to remove or adjust them.  Damaged screens (including bent frames) result in a minimum $35 replacement fee, depending on screen size.  Contact the management if you need to wash windows or have a problem with your screens. No entry or exit of persons or property is allowed through windows.  Damage due to climbing in or out of the building will be assessed to the tenant of the room entered or to all apartment tenants if entry occurs in common areas.
  5. PARKING:  Vehicle permits are required to park on premises; each permit allows parking for one vehicle in one parking space;  permit fee is required in order to obtain a permit.  Permits are  limited and are issued on a first come first served basis as noted on your contract.  Permits are for tenant use only; use of permits by friends, acquaintances, significant others etc. is grounds for permanent permit confiscation.We contract for booting and towing to protect your parking spaces. DO NOT CALL US WITH COMPLAINTS regarding booting.  We will not get involved.  Visitors must park on the street.  We do not provide temporary parking permits.  If you change cars for any reason, you need to contact Cache Auto Booting directly at 435-512-5003 or visit  From November 15 to March 15, Logan City does not allow street parking from 1 AM- 6 AM.  You WILL get a ticket.   
  6. MODIFICATIONS: Tenants are not permitted to modify the inside or outside of the apartment. This includes, but is not limited to: adding additional shelving, painting, papering, installing air conditioning units, placing personal property, chairs, couches, or semi-permanent signs outside of your apartment, installing antennas, and modifying landscaping. Modifications made without permission will result in charges for repairs to restore the structure or landscape to its original form.
  7. CAR REPAIR: Residents cannot use the parking lots for car repairs.  This includes, but is not limited to:  brakes, tires or oil changes.  If your car leaks oil, antifreeze, or gasoline you must use a drip pan.
  8. PERSONAL PROPERTY DAMAGE OR THEFT LIABILITY:  LOCK YOUR DOORS!  Crestwoods is not liable for theft or damage to personal property and does not assume any liability for personal injury resulting from explosion, fire or mechanical failure of the water, gas or electrical systems, or for negligence by occupants of the buildings.  Residents are encouraged to carry renter’s insurance. Contact your insurance agent for questions about renter’s insurance.
  9. REMOVAL OF OBSTRUCTIONS:  You may not store any personal property outside of your apartment, except bicycles in racks. Crestwoods reserves the right to remove any obstruction or personal property that may create a hazard or unsightly appearance.  Any item removed will be stored for the legal time and then discarded.  The resident will be charged for labor, storage fees and resources/ materials used to remove such items.
  10. RESOLVING DIFFERENCES:  Differences between residents should be resolved by those involved.  If there is a dispute between you and a roommate/neighbor, it is your responsibility to contact that person and resolve the problem.  Unless there is a breach of contract, management will not get involved.   Contact Logan City police if necessary.
  11. RESTRICTED-USE AREAS:  Residents are prohibited from walking on any roof of an apartment complex.  Antennas are strictly prohibited on roofs or sides of buildings and will be removed without notification. Machine and electrical rooms, offices and storage rooms also are OFF LIMITS. Climbing is prohibited on the complex buildings, trees, and dumpsters or dumpster enclosures.
  12. NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY:  “All persons will be treated fairly and equally without regard to race, color, religion, sex, familial status, disability, national origin, source of income, sexual orientation or gender identity.” UTAH CODE §§ 57-21-5 TO -7 (2018) It is the policy of this community to provide reasonable accommodations and to permit tenants with disabilities to make reasonable modifications upon request and in accordance with the appropriate laws and rules, with the provision of appropriate documentation of the need for the accommodation or modification.  Residents should inform management of the need for any accommodation or modification. Management will review all such requests and enter into a dialogue with the requesting resident/potential resident on how such needs can be met.  Modifications will be considered as required by the Fair Housing laws.  It is the intent of this community to assist its residents and potential residents in entering into a dialogue to consider all such requests and to follow proper procedures to ensure that the Fair Housing laws are followed appropriately.  Residents should feel that this community welcomes the opportunity to assist its residents and potential residents in being able to fully enjoy this community regardless of any disability.  Management will strive to meet the needs of all residents to be able to peacefully enjoy the premises and the community.

Thank you, again for choosing to stay at Crestwoods. 

Larry Seeley, manager

Office:  880 N. 650 E. #8, Logan UT 84321

(435) 755-3181, text okay during business hours

[email protected]

(email monitored during business hours, reply typically within 24 business hours.)