*This document provided for general information purposes ONLY.*



        The acceptance of the parking permit and signing of the form provided constitutes an agreement between CrestwoodsI, LLC (Crestwoods) and the acceptor thereof, that CrestwoodsI,LLC or affiliates shall not be responsible for personal injury, loss or damage to vehicles, accessories, or the contents thereof caused by fire, theft, collision, water or other causes and acceptor agrees to abide by the rules as set forth herein.

        Beginning  (the second week of school)  Parking Enforcement, LLC will begin managing in the Brentwood parking areas. Do not park in front of buildings  A,D and E or you will get booted.  In addition to the line painted across the lot from east to west, we will have signs in place to help distinguish Crestwoods property’s parking spaces from the parking that belongs to buildings A, D & E.  All vehicles (including motorcycles) parked on the premises are required to have permits visibly placed in the proper location on the vehicle. Vehicles without permits, with permits in the wrong location on the vehicle or improperly parked will be booted and/or towed. Vehicles should park in an orderly fashion – vehicles should not block the dumpsters, other vehicles, park in “no parking” zones, park in main drive lanes or drive ways or take more than one space.  The double spaces that are numbered and marked reserved are for tenants with special permits bearing the number of the reserved space.  If you have a permit for a reserved double space then you must park in that reserved space and nowhere else. It is the responsibility of residents to inform their guests of the “Permit Parking Only” policy; guests are required to park off premises. All permits are the property of Crestwoods and Parking Enforcement, LLC. Crestwoods and Parking Enforcement, LLC are not responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen permits. A $50 fee will be charged for a new permanent permit and is available during office hours (with a $20 credit for return of old permit). Under certain conditions temporary permits for residents are available from the Parking Enforcement, LLC. Parking is designated as Resident parking only; named tenant is only authorized user. If used in a manner not consistent with this policy a permit may be confiscated and parking privileges revoked.

Booting Hours: 24 Hours a Day Sunday 9PM thru Friday 3PM and event days at USU, including Saturdays, and  basketball and football games.

Parking Enforcement, LLC’s Fee Schedule

Resident: $50.00* minimum (with proper documentation)

Non-Resident $75.00* minimum

Fee increases $25.00 per 24 hour period after the first 24 hours.

Towing: Rate charged by towing company plus boot fee

        * Other fees may also apply (i.e., time, vandalism, and/or theft); Complete documentation required to obtain resident rate. Vehicles that are booted then towed will pay $75.00* minimum (regardless of being a tenant) and whatever fee is charged by the towing company.  Fees are subject to change without notice.

        If there are questions or problems, contact Parking Enforcement, LLC at 435-512-5003. In the event a vehicle is booted please follow the instructions affixed to the booted vehicle. Per the rental agreement, “Any parking incident requiring management intervention with the booting company (i.e. verifying residency or temporary permits) outside business hours will incur a $20 fee.”


If you have a mechanical issue or switch vehicles for any reason (including totaled vehicles—make sure to remove your permit before surrendering the vehicle), you will have to buy a new permit at the listed rate. Temporary permits are available thru ParkRule.org, are valid for 2 weeks and cannot be renewed.  Please plan accordingly when you affix the permit to your vehicle.