Apartment # _____

Crestwoods Check-Out Packet

Thank you for staying with us.  We wish you all the best in your pursuits.

READ THE ENTIRE PACKET (and make it available to all tenants) before contacting management with questions; if you leave a message with a question answered in the packet, you will not receive a return call.  We must have the packet to inspect your apartment. 
Packet replacement fee is $6

Your school year lease ends at noon Wednesday (last day of finals).  All cleaning must be completed, personal belongings removed from your apartment and keys returned to the office, unless you are staying with us for the summer.  There is a $100.00 fee per tenant per day when not checked out as described.

There is one cleaning list per person with each being responsible for ONLY the duties on their list.   If a roommate moved out prior to (2 weeks prior to lease end), everyone will split those common area duties.  An inspector will go down this list item by item, once everyone moving out has left the apartment.  Let management know if everyone will be gone before check-out day so we can get started early.  Failure to clean bedroom, bathroom and/or common area duties will result in forfeiture of entire deposit.  Please plan several hours to complete your duties; you can do deep cleaning well before finals, leaving just light cleaning needed at check out.

If cleaning is found unfinished or inadequate, you will be charged to hire a cleaner.   Please see the attached itemized Cleaning Deduction List—if cleaning costs exceed our estimations on the deduction list, actual cost will be passed on to you.

If you are staying for the summer, you still need to do a thorough cleaning according to your list.  You will be charged for common area cleaning found deficient. Tenants switching to a different Crestwoods apartment or room for the summer should contact management by 1 pm on (check-out day) to receive keys and move.

All roommates will be charged equally for unclaimed damages; if you choose to disclose that another roommate is responsible for damage(s) you must have an additional roommate corroborate with their signature.  Tenants are only charged for damages above normal wear and tear.

Deposit refunds are mailed in the self-addressed stamped envelope YOU provide (please don’t seal it) 30 days following the end of the lease.  This envelope should be placed in another sealed envelope with your keys and left in the drop box at the office.  Without providing this self-addressed envelope, you are not guaranteed a refund check. Any envelope and/or key left to be retrieved from room/apartment by management will incur a $6 fine.   If you are staying with Crestwoods for the summer and/or next school year, your deposit will continue on for that contract period and is not refunded at this time; any cleaning or damage charges will be billed to you.


Crestwoods Management